Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cutthroat Conservatives

Tax cuts? What tax cuts?

Oh, yeah, THOSE tax cuts....

The House is currently considering a new tax plan that would give tax breaks to those who earn more than $100,000 a year. That's right, folks, no tax "cuts" to those earning less. AND the real clincher: the poorest tax payers will pay about 5% MORE in taxes. Yep, that's compassionate conservatism for you - if most of your compassion goes out to the most affluent class of people on Earth.

This nation is upside down.

This sort of thing almost always happens when the greedy and conniving get into power and stay there too long without getting the boot. Americans must have tens of millions of get rich quick schemes because they sure haven't given these guys the boot (much) since Ronald Reagan lulled half the nation into thinking we were king of the world, heaven sent.

President Bush has certainly taken that errant myth to heart, like a ball for the gipper, and he's running with it as fast and as far as he can.

Wake up and smell the $7.98/pound coffee.

In the old days, a reformist would come along to steer the ship off it's collision course with caste system of fascism. "Trustbuster" Bull Moose Teddy Roosevelt may be the best example, but even Dwight Eisenhower reminded us to beware the military-industrial complex.

Well, what can we say we've got more than a military-industrial complex these days? Maybe the "complex" is so many of the citizens' and voters' blindness to it - suckered in as they are by cheap Chinese goods, too lazy to see how not only their lawn chairs but their nation is leveraged to the hilt.

Why should America re-prove the old adage, "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer"? Is that the American way? Just give in to a Darwinian "Lord of the Flies" situation and gut human nature? It's been worse, but it's been better.

We need a populist Bushbuster and how. But then we need a populace that knows what's good for it's future, that what's good for Wall Street isn't nearly the same as what's good for Main Street or THEIR street (or their sex lives, their kids' lives, their pets' lives, their vacation time, stress, and all the rest).

And speaking of kids: are you making sure your kids are getting the kind of education they need to solve this?


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