Monday, September 19, 2005

"He's one of us"

He shore is.

Yes, in a special "Told You So" edition of A Better Nation, your kindly and increasingly patient and compassionate blog host is back again to tell you, there's a time to listen and learn and a time to get down on the ground and RUN.

Here to tell you: President Bush may not be "the People's" best friend (like they mistook him to be), but he SHORE is like 'em, why, he's one of them - SLOW to learn.

(He even says "you people." Does that sound like one of us? Well, oooops again.)

This ham-head is so stubborn and slow to learn from past mistakes and things not red hot on his radar that he's really gotten stuck in some deep muck now. Rumors are even some of the sane Republican base are backing off, fearing some nasty fallout come next year's mid-term elections.

Bush's ratings are at an all time low, and without that Ground Zero "bullhorn moment" to rally the troops (or anybody else), Bush is hanging in the wind, a wind that could go from being a tropical storm to a hurricane by deep NEXT hurricane season.

Hurricane season officially ends on November 30th each year. But Bush's chances of having any strength left as president may end a little earlier than that come next year. How about November 7, 2006? That would be national election day.

At least by then Mr. Bush will have a clear sign that he can start packing his bags - early.

Too bad a majority of voters haven't been quick enough to ward off this storm before it hits the heartland ('cause why? 'cause they're pretty much like him, slow learners, stubborn, got blinders on, believe God's doing all this anyway, dumb as a bag of hammers, they are). Yes, with it citizens, The Slow Majority's been winning these things lately. It was a vocal (but coastal and "elite") minority that saw this storm coming. But not enough were eager to listen - or angry enough to toss the flinty fellow out. Maybe now the tide really is turning all across the land.



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