Thursday, March 08, 2007

VOTE! A Better Nation Blog Poll

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At 3/11/2007 5:41 PM, Blogger rfruth said...

I voted for national politics, you do it so well (really) - what about Halliburton moving it's HQ to the Middle East. V
another part of the Iraq invasion puzzle ?

At 3/12/2007 11:55 AM, Anonymous Mr. ABN said...

Wow, rfruth, that Halliburton news is a rather sinister development, perfect for the Bush/Cheney version of Orwell's 1984. I thought of entering a running race in Houston but then found Halliburton was a sponsor and couldn't even sign up, much less wear the T-shirt with the Halliburton logo on the back, no way!!!

At 3/20/2007 3:01 PM, Anonymous sim said...

friend abn, biggest blogs are political (or i suppose sexual) but best blogs are personal. unique voices RULE! just get heart & soul down. thnx, sim


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