Monday, May 07, 2007

Uh Oh: Price of Gas May Go Down

It's all the rage: the new record high for gasoline prices, now hovering around $3.07 a gallon. But the really bad news is that the price of gas might go down.

Damn, that's the last thing we need. If we've got cheap gas, we'll keep sucking the stuff up like there's no tomorrow. But there IS a tomorrow.

And this Bad Gas Gluttony could come back to haunt us the day after tomorrow. Actually, of course, it has already come back to haunt us, that is, if you have cancer, asthma, injuries from a wreck in heavy traffic or due to speeding. Let's see how many jump in their big iron sleds to go for a loaf of bread, much less SPEED, when gas is going for what it's really worth, say about $10 a gallon.

Wouldn't it be COOL (and you can see how appropriate that word now is) if we paid a lot less in other taxes but more gas tax? Keep corporate profits down and gas taxes high. It's a good investment in our future, otherwise known as LIFE ON EARTH.


At 5/08/2007 10:41 AM, Blogger 1rfruth said...

No doubt you seen Feds latest forecast - high or low gas price, that is a sticky question, one one hand a high price encourages conservation but means more $$$ for the Exxon Mobils of the world, low is good but that forces us (U.S.) to do business with people & countries we'd rather avoid - too bad some people choose to drive something with the aerodynamics of a brick when they don't need to ...

At 5/08/2007 8:46 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Yes, there are so many contradictions among the American people about gas. Dianne Feinstein's committee on CAFE standards is recommending a goal of 35 MPG by 2020, and the big automakers, including Toyota, GM and Ford, are protesting that goal. Too soon, too costly. Excuse me? Thirteen years to increase the average a measly 8-10 MPG??? The average for cars is already over 25 MPG. What's so hard about 35? Oh. A big decrease in Sequoia sales. What a waste of 5000 pounds. I wonder how Honda is coming down on this goal. If they're siding with Toyota, then give 'em hell for advertising their green ways in Sierra magazine!

At 5/08/2007 9:10 PM, Blogger L. said...

$3.07/gallon IS cheap gas. Sheesh. It's about double that (making all appropriate conversions) in the UK.

At 5/08/2007 9:39 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

I absolutely agree. Anything less than $5 is CHEAP GAS, compared to the price of gas in other countries which import and depend on as much gas as does the U.S. I just hope that the rise in gas prices will go to R & D, not Big Oil profits.


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