Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dear Mr. Bush, What are the Priorities of A Better Nation?

Is it fair to say that, in the Rose Garden at the White House, everything is not coming up roses?

I don't think that ever before have the insulting priorities of the Bush administration been in such stark contrast. Inwith just a few days, Mr. Bush has said he will veto a program to provide more care for children and that he will ask Congress for a record $180 billion in spending for the war in fiscal 2008.

The war is currently costing us a half a million dollars a minute.

Again and again, Mr. Bush says he would like to support domestic programs, in theory or with the "right" bill. Yet he is willing to support a war full of flaws. At home, he is at a standstill (or actually taking us backwards), but at war, he loves to say "stay the course," which means plowing ahead no matter what. Mr. Bush likes to think he is courageously persistent, but his persistence is really nothing more than bland stubbornness, myopic, unimaginative and in fact cowardly.

The brave lead us with an authentic compassion and with their resolute passions for peace and for people, for all people and "we the people." Including children.


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