Friday, December 14, 2007

Digging Into Life

The thing is, you could miss it. It could pass you by. Not life. You're alive. You're not missing life. But LIFE.... mmmm, that might be a thing you miss...

UNLESS, you dig deep into the veins beneath others' skin, and crawl around inside their limbs, as if they were the tunnel/roads to your quest.

Do you get in? Do you grovel? Do you risk it that much? Out on a limb? Into a limb?

Are you letting others do the living for you, thinking their movies are as good as it gets? Their poetry is as good as it gets? Their headlines and pastimes and passions as good as it gets.

It only gets as good as it gets when it's all up to you.

And it's just NOT a matter of the middle of the road, never the middle of the road. Keep your land, but push on, press on, press in, then adrift, FLOAT, lift off, lift UP, FLOAT, and with all deft grace and patience, fly.

Dig into this thing, LIFE. ONE chance, one try, one, one.

And the best way to get there, down that flying highway, that low and go way, hovering and having and heaven? Don't hold back. Be bold. Express. Give. Gush. Give. Love, love, LOVE.


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