Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Race We Want

Here's a new angle on globalization.

As Star Trek and other pillars of Sci-Fi have suggested for decades, we're inevitably headed toward a global melting pot and perhaps even an interstellar melting pot. As long as people can travel and intermix and share cultural traits (probably starting with food and ending with a mind-melded rather secular religion), we can't help it. Globalization R Us.

And here's one clue:

When we look at people, what we seem to prefer is a moderate skin color. George Hamilton aside, we seem to prefer darker whites (it's called tanned) and lighter blacks (it's called multicultural).

It's that Brazilian cafe au lait that is probably considered the world's sexiest skin color. Neither the Norwegians nor the Nigerians come close to the global appeal of coffee with cream.

Seems this mix is practical as well, desired and potentially accepted everywhere, not so dark as to cook and not so light as to be extremely prone to skin cancer.

And so, let the mixing continue. Let's get on with it, so that we can become one race and get over this tribal, ancient, petty squabbling.

And the globe now knows we have the ultimate poster child for this meeting of the skins. He's the one looking up from the word HOPE.


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