Monday, January 24, 2005

Got bile?

Are Bush and company b'f'ing the country?

Actually, innocently enough, the question I actually asked my intense friend Jack was, "What are the extents of your philosophies these days?"

And Jack, a bit ragged out BUT FOR GOOD REASON, shot back:

"Dangerous question....

"Having just read an article on about astronomers being 'surprised' that the administration wants to scrap plans to repair the Hubble Space Telescope, I'm pretty fucking fed-up with:

"1) scientists who don't want to get 'involved' with politics and are then 'surprised' when a self-professed born-again ne'er-do-well wants to de-fund science in favor of school vouchers to provide public funding to parochial schools and increased spending on the military.

"2) faggots* who don't get it that people who want to ban same-sex marriage really don't like them.

"And 3) working-class imbeciles who think that the purpose of 'privatizing' Social Security is to help them fund their retirement rather than being a cynical move to line the pockets of security industry executives with public funds that they can transfer to their offshore savings accounts.

"If people are too God damn stupid to realize when they are being butt-fucked, I'm about ready to say, 'to hell with 'em,' and buy stock in k-y jelly.

"But I'm sure the feeling will pass. The 'beasts and the children' are still counting on us to fight the good fight."

And believe you me, on a good day and given a few hours, Jack's got a lot more than three things on his mind.

*In Jack's defense, it should be pointed out that Jack is WAY liberal and certainly pro gay, pro bohemian, even pro radical. He is a strident defender of human rights, which in his book, happen to include women and women who want to remain childless and in charge and even women who like women and men who like me. Friend Jack is cussing to raise the ire of those who give up/are giving up their rights through naivete and acquiescence. Jack obviously thinks that our rights are seriously endangered and that we must revolt FOR REAL to win back a generally hopeful, civil, respectful, highly informed, rational and progressive agenda for this country and this culture. The rightwingers, it seems, have the guts to go all the way for their fringe beliefs and benefits. Meanwhile, who on the left does?

Got bile?

Anything to add, dear readers???!!!


At 1/25/2005 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jack responds:

Well, thanks for putting my name up in lights, so to speak. Don't mind it one bit. I don't particularly care for going off the deep end, but when you're in it up to your ears, a primal scream is sometimes necessary to prevent your drowning in the sludge.

Sir Jacques

At 1/26/2005 5:55 AM, Blogger CaliValleyGirl said...

"If people are too God damn stupid to realize when they are being butt-fucked, I'm about ready to say, 'to hell with 'em,' and buy stock in k-y jelly."

That quote is sooo money...I love it! I think I might need to borrow it sometime soon.


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