Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ode to Cycling (continued)

For the gals: another great excuse to stock up on a colorful, oh, so stylish (and form fitting) and conveniently rapidly obsolete lycra wardrobe.

And for the guys: one of the few legitimate excuses to shave your legs.

Oooooh, sooooo smooooooth!

Yes, gents, step right up, grab that baby blue Venus3 razor, and GO! (I swear, must be more guys doing it because the new Venus3 "Divine" comes in a darker and even more masculine blue, soze we can avoid that girlie pink.)

Ode to cycling: gotta love it - the rolling fiesta thing, that mysteriously small saddle between your legs, the techy woven carbon and cold-drawn titanium frames, the lustrus alloys all around, hefting a mere 19 pounds of the most efficient machine ever devised by humans, the whirrrrrr of the wheels (those skinny little tires on the road - that can cost as much as car tires), the springtime flowers and springtime rain showers, the group dynamics and deft pleasures, ah yes, the tour rolls on...No wonder I can't shake this drug after so many years. Gotta ride, GAH... TAH.. RIDE!!!


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