Thursday, April 28, 2005

When it comes to one world, one REAL worlder

Part Three in a three part series on our borders and immigration:

SO... as not to seem toooooo naive, and as a cultural historian, I'd have to say I agree with Governor Lamm's premise that rapid change, too much diversity and divisiveness are a threat to having a healthy, rather stable culture. And I even agree that there may be more to lose than to gain with a lenient immigration policing or policy.

The "melting pot" is a sometimes attractive myth, but it is an ideal that may itself be naive. We are melting, alright, but it's not always a good thing. Diversity can lead to dynamism, but it can also lead to divisiveness and the lowering of our best national values and virtues. For example: would we rather defend higher education for all or cheap labor, and can we really have both well?

I am not convinced that, in the REAL WORLD, we are going to get either extreme - a sealed border or a "Star Trek" universe. I am not, as I write this, hopeful enough to think people/humans can, on average and at large, be educated "well enough" to go so against the grain of human nature - to more often and in more complicated ways put the "common good" above what they perceive to be the immediate or short term gain. Gain usually beats good.

We certainly seem to be stuck with some crude forms of tribalism, patriotism, religious competition and Big Time Nationalism for the foreseeable future - meaning, probably for centuries to come - well beyond our lifetimes, at least.

But in the meantime, let me say this: I don't want regressive values from ANY ethnic group or cultural faction to dominate this culture to its own (and the world's) detriment. And that goes for ALL regressive groups - whether hispanic or anglo, Euro or Gen X, itinerate or corporate, mafia or "Mr. President."

We need Progress with a capital P to lessen our glut and get out of this rut, and I for one sure don't currently see many signs of hope. I mean, hey, I think the Good Ol' RICH White Boys running the show now are driving the rest of us into the ground, so I am particular about where I place my rather flustered and - I am sorry to say - feeble hopes.

So after three long blog posts on the subject, I remain in the camp that this is extremely complicated and potentially too contentious to "solve" here and now - without a revolutionary shift in this country's attitude toward and whole-hearted support of superior educational standards, goals and expectations. Maybe we're just limited by our IQs and, at the same time, dumbed down by the boob tube and boobs of every sort, one even called "Mr. President."

And so I say, sort of hopeful and cynical at the same time, I remain a Real Worlder, after all.

Your thoughts?


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