Monday, September 26, 2005

Gold on the Hoof?

Now, about 72 hours after Hurricane Rita came ashore, it's looking like the cattle in southwestern Louisiana are getting more attention than a lot of New Orleans residents got 72 hours after Katrina. Yep, the president's back to getting his priorities straight. Save the oil and the cattle. That's a wildcatter Texan for you. Now who elected this guy president? Shame, shame.

Bush pretty much ignored the black folk for days, but show him a herd of Black Angus, and he's rarin' to go, sending in Black Hawk helicopters to herd and rescue the animals.

Are we paying for that? Are the cattle worth that? How much is THAT costing? Black Hawk helicopters? Don't they cost even more than a luxury SUV to rent by the hour? Much less the day?

Sounds nice and all, even humane, but the irony and absurdity of it all just can't go unnoticed, so please, folks, NOTICE!

And it seems the prez is so enamored of the military's G.I. Johnny-on-the-Spot role now with Rita, looking timely and impressive (since they even showed up early this time), now Mr. Prez wants to urge Congress to change the law to let the military run things like this from now on. Who needs that smarmy F.E.M.A. and that bunch of volunteers at the Red Cross when you can get military men in there looking like S.W.A.T. teams all over the place? And those guys won't waste time, Mr. President, even if you do.

No, it's still not the right thing to do. Bush has got the military almost in ku mode as it is, along with his and VP Cheney's pals at Halliburton. Who else do you need to run a country? Certainly not a lot of civilians.

No, Mr. B. No. Get F.E.M.A. fixed, and let the People - civilians, altruistic citizens - have a stab at conducting themselves with honor. And keep your grubby paws out of the honey pot.



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