Friday, October 14, 2005

Love, Regular & True

Love mixed with animosity is desire mixed with fear of love.

We talk about true love. What is the difference between true love and, um, 'regular' love?

True love is closer to our ideals for love. And what are the essential ingredients of true love? Acceptance, first of all, and above all (I know, I know, I've said it before) - peace... (PEACE: a sentiment but not a priority in this country. We're more interested in SAFETY than PEACE.)


What frustrates us and escapes us about love?

We need/it would be good to be more accepting, but to be accepting means resisting any strains of impatience. It means resisting rapid changes and refusing to consider a vast array of options and outs.

We need a way IN to love, not a way out.

But Americans are into our options and their mobility. Thus, we love escape hatches and escape clauses more than we really want to work at committing ourselves to virtuous concepts that stand higher than any of us as individuals.

We so desire "something bigger than ourselves," but we invent supernatural specters so much more easily than we accept higher principles FOR OURSELVES as the things that are really bigger than we are.


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