Friday, October 07, 2005

It's a Fox Hunt: Coulter Cuts to the Chase

On Monday, President Bush may have handed us most of the rest of his remaining "political capital" on a platter.

I am not surprised by much in human nature or its more power hungry side, politics, but even I am astonished at the meltdown on unity we are seeing on the right. And it's not just the underlings this round. The big guns of the Old Cons and the Neo Cons are firing off their cannons right over the bow of the White House.

Trent Lott, George Will, even Rush Limbaugh (no ditto this time!) and now, of all people, that luscious babe of Vicious Fascism, Ann Coulter, is just out and out slamming Ms. Miers and Mr. Bush. I'm not alone in thinking she just didn't have it in her. She's rabid. The powdered whigs in Washington are barking up most every tree, but Coulter is foaming at the mouth. This is good.

Energy bills (and profits) might be going up this fall, but so might some of our more altruistic (and patriotic) spirits soar if we got to spend the holiday season saying "I told you so" while wagging our fingers at these down and dirty dogs as they turn on each other like a pack of pit bulls.

And since the dimwad (sp?) Dems haven't been able to beat them, they might as well join 'em, join the fray, all in good time, with epithets and elbows out, all in good time. And if the Neocon Rule Book (published by Halliburton Press) is any guide, that good time is NOW, ASAP. And don't let 'em even come up for air.



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