Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Michael Brown: Bush's Quality Control Outted

Name: Michael Brown.

Job description: Croney.

Now let me get this straight, seeing as so few others have bothered to do so. Now Mr. Bush, in his first semi-contrite acceptance EVER for responsibility for a botched job, has said publically and nationally, for all to see, that he takes the blame for the federal government's sloppy involvement (and lack of involvement) in the pre and post Katrina debacle. Thank you, Mr. President.

Or did you mean: 'I take the blame right here and now in this speech, but tomorrow's a new day, and don't get me to say this again, 'cause my friends who work for me aren't going to take shit off no one'?

Seems the latter, I dare say.

Today, in obnoxious and insulting testimony before a congressional committee established to review FEMA and the government's plans and response, Michael Brown, who was taken away from his Katrina command and who then resigned as FEMA director almost three weeks ago - AND who is still on the government payroll as a consultant to FEMA - blamed state and local officials for not co-ordinating the relief efforts. Brown sounded like a gradeschooler, tattling in a whiny sort of way. And yikes for Mr. Bush, if anybody's paying much attention. Brown didn't play fall guy for Bush or the feds at all, for what FEMA did and didn't do in the wake of Katrina. It was all blame game, tit for tat (not that anybody yet has given a stellar performance,a t any level, don't get me wrong. But then this is Louisiana - we knew it was a state known for any more ambitious expertise than putting on a party).

So what's an upstanding leader like George Bush to do? He's taken the blame, but his FEMA director hasn't. Seems the cronies (I mean company) at the top better get their act together at some point before they all have to pack their bags.

Now Michael Brown. There's a guy who looks and sounds like a shoe salesman who last tried to sell me a pair of shoes that didn't fit and that I didn't buy. OK, maybe not shoes. Insurance? In a small town in Texas? I say we send him to downtown Port Arthur with a mop and a broom.

Yep, Bush's quality control is showing. You might well expect an incompetent head honcho to make sure everybody (or anybody) under his command has at least as much incompetence as he has, and that's how it seems to be going.

See any wise guys anywhere near the top?



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