Monday, December 05, 2005

"Born Again WITHOUT God"

Good title for something. Seems we rational heathens ought to be putting out some pretty good propaganda of our own.

Yes, you too can be "born again," have a renaissance, i.e. GROW UP, MATURE, without God. No god needed, not even any other fallacious falderal, no superstition required to shake yourself a bit, get a handle on what life is about, even what death is about. We are mortal, aren't we. That means we die. What's the mystery? So we're afraid to die. That doesn't mean we have to make stuff up. We were sometimes afraid to go to bed in our dark rooms alone when we were kids, and we made stuff up. Our fears manufactured goblins and ghosts and monsters and dangers right there in our rooms, right out of thin air and shadows. That doesn't mean we have to do the same thing after we're about TWELVE.

It's not that any of us can be "born again," but we sure can recognize anew and make changes. We can be grown ups - even mortal grown ups, maybe even scared but reasonable, rational, REAL.

You can't get real WITH make believe. There comes a time to give up childish toys and play it straight in the world of, for better or worse, human beings and things as they are. What a concept.


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