Monday, January 30, 2006

Thoreau on Oprah

Kind of wonder, in this Age of Dr. Phil, what we might think of a old-fashioned guy like Henry David Thoreau if he were to be a guest on Oprah. She'd probably love to get him on the show, just to see if she could get him to grin from behind that oh so 19th century looking beard of his, with a glint in his seemingly eternally melancholy eyes, a crinkle in his crow's feet, sitting stiffly, then leaning in just a bit to appreciate a kudo or point Ms. O was making - was that in his honor? Or at his expense?

I used to think I'd graduate to not only being a writer (any dabbler can be a "writer") but to being an actual AUTHOR, an author indeed of such books as Oprah would take a keen interest and hungrily wish to promote and recommend to her flock of MILLIONS, steering the country ever so deftly toward little changes, at least considering some soul shreds left in this country, that some of us want to be kind and otherwise virtuous and do the right thing.

There'd be Henry, sitting there in his dusty coat, rather sheepish, reluctant, even reticent, but then we think of him as shy. Maybe, like Phil, he'd graduate from the fringes and HAVE HIS OWN SHOW.


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