Friday, December 16, 2005

Wishlists & Mine

OK, Monday I took the high road re: gifts, but I also made a list of a bunch of things, fairly ordinary things, really, that are personal to me and which I do truly cherish.

Christmas is best if it's both: the remembrance and attention to humble virtues AND a little pile of nice things. Things aren't bad. Things are wonderful, and things are a reasonable way to express our caring, as I've said. Not everyone can become our personal parent or savior or shoulder, so they give us things instead, and that can be very fine.

Some ask for wish lists, and that's ok. Not everyone can zero in on giving much appreciated gifts. Some like to feel around covertly and some, with the wish list, overtly.

So, we come full circle this week, back to things.

Even living on fumes this season, I've been playing Elf L quite a bit the last few weeks, and some wish to reciprocate. Wishlists can be a roadmap for reciprocation, with grace, a good thing.

Here are a few things on my list, and I've checked it many more times than twice.

First off, I have a rather ambitious (and laborious?) wish list at Amazon, now creeping up towards 600 things. I reviewed it not too long ago, and really, that's good stuff for me. As one friend said, it even reveals not only a record of my interests but now, cumulatively, the RANGE of my interests. It's an artifact in itself. Explore it, explore me.

And how 'bout those lovely Timberland Carlsbad shoes in black, conveniently available in the L. L. Bean catalog, size 10 1/2.

Right there, too: Sherpa zip front cardigan sweater, L. L. Bean, size med.

And those nifty Wildcat slip on snow boots at the Bean, size 11, granite.

I've been craving some of those nifty Keen Newport sandals in dark blue nylon, size 10, REI and elsewhere.

For my epic hikes, I'd like to upgrade to a Black Diamond Vector IQ headlamp, also REI and elsewhere.

Target's always got things I want. About now, those brushed nickel torchiere lamps with reading lights are great, and I want two to redo my living room.

Target's also got the Brinkman 9 LED Flashlight and the Leatherman Juice S4 multitool, real guy stuff - and classic Coyote Guy stuff.

Emerson stainless steel front .9 cu. ft. microwave, "Pro Series," recently on sale at Tarrr-ghay.

A new refridgerator, small (10 cu ft or less, even 4.4 is ok), "Energy Star" rated.

Remington 3.25 HP 16" chainsaw, on sale at building supply behemoths.

Oster stainless steel convection oven, recently on sale at Sears.

Of course, what I really need is a bill payer and a benefactor, but who likes that behind-the-scenes stuff? It's quietly impressive, but alas, real saviors don't shine under (or on top of) the tree. Still...

World Peace? Wishing myself there were a god out there so inclined, but it seems not.

Back down to Earth, another fave store: Campmor.

That Smartwool Smart Beanie in sapphire at Campmor seems a keeper. It's a $16 heirloom.

And that Mountainsmith Phantom backpack (size large) is on sale for $100 off. Wow, I could go places with that lightweight beauty strapped to my back.

Other out there gear: Jetboil stove, Thermarest Prolite 4 short sleeping pad, Katadyn Mini Filter, and fleece, fleece, fleece.

My gosh, if I have a religion for things, it comes down to a few categories really close to home - or close to the heart: FLEECE, good shoes, blankets. What I said earlier this week about sweaters not being love, it's no wonder that so many people give so many sweaters at Christmas.

There is warmth and comfort in the box, and that's getting closer.

Happy gift giving to ALL. Remember, whether it is a dollar or a dinosaur, a glass of water or a flute of champagne, a toaster oven or a toasty sweater, give with flair and you're there!


At 12/20/2005 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm..excuse me... YOUR living room?
Parents finally cave in and "gift" you grandma's junker?


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