Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pearls of Peace, December 7th

It's December 7th, a day that still lives in infamy.

Pearl Harbor this and Pearl Harbor that, the war on American imperialism then compared to the war on American imperialism now. Then they were called kamakazis, today suicide bombers. Then, they were called the proud people of Japan. Today, they are called insurgents. "Their" attacks were and are 'unfair,' while miraculously, ours are not. Ours are the new and improved definition of "freedom" and "liberty," "democracy," and even "justice for all."

Earlier today, mixed with live feeds of G.W. Bush doing his best to redirect our views of "victory" in his 'We Can ALL Be Terrorists With the Worst of You WAR,' there were several reports on CNN showing these ongoing discrepancies, the "them against us," holier than thou stamp of our own insidious imperialism. Most telling: NEWS FLASH! Muslim holy men are saying publicly that there indeed IS a religious rationale for this bloody new tide of cultures clashing. Allah's saying his followers are right and will prevail and get their eternal glories. Seems our "one nation under God" God feels the same way, except he's siding with the fundamental Christians. Hmmm, how could a god or God be wrong? I mean, at least one of these Pushy Paternal Fascist Deities is wrong... wrong, wrong, wrong. Now the gods might want us to suffer mysteriously and even injudiciously, but could they be wrong? And if they are, will they be willing to take the rap?

And now, on CNN, George Herbert Walker Bush is on TV speaking about Katrina and the Japanese and the great dangers of the natural and man-made world (and the glory of a nation's 'strength' to fight back and/or rebuild).

Gotta say, at least there is one thing I can say about Father Bush now, so long after he was voted out of office: no matter what the father says, his son makes him look good.

Peace be with you, George - and George, and you too, Dick, wherever you are.

Pearls of peace to YOU.


At 12/07/2005 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems Jesus, Allah and Shinto never fought one another in their lives. Only Man does that.


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