Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ides of March Post

Even though every month has an "ides" (a middle day of the month), it's because of Ceasar and Shakespeare that we give the Ides of March a rather foreboding and even sinister spin. It's right up there with Fridays the 13th.

So, for this Ides de March, I'm proposing something with plenty of siniter connotations: a conspiracy theory. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, primarily because so many such theories seem unreasonable and unsupportable even after a shit load of earnest investigative sleuthing and reporting. (I agree that the MSM - MainStreamMediaCorpInc - are in cahoots with the multi-MUNDO Corps, but hey, some theories are just that, theories.)

So here's mine, and it may not be new, but it is befitting this Ides so close to the 3rd anniversary of the Bush-Iraq War and in the midst of the primary season leading up to the midterms.

OK, the theory: Somehow, I'm betting the fix is in. The fix on the midterms, that is, and even the fix on the 2008 presidential, if you catch my drift.

Yes, it's not just my opinion, it's a fact: Republican and Ruthless both start with R, it's a FACT. And it's a fact that Republican and Reprehensible both start with R, too.

And I'm thinking that, yes, the Dems are WAY NAIVE on the whole deal/slash/pickle they've gotten themselves and us/all of us into. They're just not even rhetorically strong, much less "a force to be reconded with", as they say.

So the Republicans figured that in 2004 Florida would be closely watched, so they chose another populous swing state to spin their way, and they went to Ohio, and you see how that went.

So now they're thinking, hey, we can do this. We can keep our cash-filled hands on the reigns of this nation for plenty more terms to come, so long the people forget what a "term" is. They'll think we've just got ONE REAL PARTY in this country - and some ineffectual, weenie, has-been party remnants on the side, wagging their tails like lap dogs.

So what states are/will be in the fix this time and next time?

Surely these guys are willing to get this early of a start on the whole antiquated election thing. Elections: they're so JFK, so FDR, so Founding Fathers. Time for the new, the Neocon Theocracy.

So, yes, I'm thinking somehow, somewhere OFF the radar, the fix is in.

And it's up to us to see if we want to call 'em on it, much less stop it - if we CAN stop it.

Who's the fixer?

Calling all Karls on this, the Ides of March....


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