Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Alms for O.J.

Poor man. It seems he needs some cash to pay his greens fees in Florida. That name brand, A-team bunch of legal eagles really set him back a decade ago, and his lifestyle, even"not guilty," just hasn't been the same since.

So, if you're already an icon of crass innocence, why not milk your 'would be' crime for all it's worth. Maybe millions, if enough of the public suckers up.

Mr. Simpson's new book and television interview reveal not new levels of crassness but just the same old, same old. Nothing "NEW" here, just more of the same. Murderers (and legions of "Law & Order" watchers) have always been fascinated by a murder, good or botched. And the murderers themselves, profilers tell us, are even more fascinated by those they happen to have committed themselves.

So O.J. just can't quite get over himself, not even out on the golf course, with friends. (And just WHO ARE this guy's friends?) Meanwhile, Mr. Simpson has already proven to himself (and to far too many of us) that there are chumps out there who will, through their lurid addiction to a good murder story, plunk down an hour of their time or upwards of $20 of their own hard-earned money to get back in on the action, even if the case has grown cold.

So shame on the viewers and patrons.

If we watch, we're not innocent victims. We tuned in or read on asking for it.

We can expect many like Mr. Simpson to scrape bottom. And we can expect millions more to scrape there as well.

The irony: All publicity is good publicity in this charade, and every mention may draw more suckers to Simpson's cause celebrere and cash flow.

For the record: Beyond this blog entry, I won't watch, read or pay any heed. 'Nuff said.


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