Friday, November 03, 2006

What the Midterms Mean

Here's what these midterm elections mean: Will we rejoin the rest of the planet as a major partner? Or will we continue to flip off the world?

"The war" may really turn out to be the issue that turns the tide, at least in the House, but these races are about more than the war, this war or any war.

Some might like to think we can do and say what we want with this planet and other countries, foreigners all, but reputation really does matter. It's your nation's reputation, stupid. And each race sows the seeds of reputations, because remember, many foreigners actually pay closer attention to our reputation (and attitudes and electoral outcomes) than millions of Americans do.

So this is about showing some respect for the global community, for multilateralism, for cooperation vs. competition, for uniting nations vs. pitting them one against another.

Will we rejoin the world? Or will we keep mistaking corrupt bullies for neocon princes at home and war-worthy enemies abroad.

A vote for a Democrat is a vote for diplomacy, and diplomacy is a STRENGTH.


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