Thursday, September 07, 2006

Economist finds U.S. bankrupt

The only reason the U.S. has not had to declare bankruptcy as a nation is because the loans have not been called, say some economists. Meanwhile, we mock other countries indebtedness and virtually ignore the terrible implications of our own.

As Howard Dean said and I am sure still says, "You can't trust the Republicans with your money." Well, I am not sure the Saudis and the Chinese can trust the Republicans (and the rest of us over-extended and under-secured Americans) with their money either. Folks, those ginorous loans could come due, and the U.S. would be declaring bankruptcy to some foreign courts that might not have much sympathy left for us -- after they don't need us as much as they seem to now. It's a Catch 22 of international codependency, and I do mean CO-depency as in an addicted and precariously addictive partnership, beyond it's prime, perhaps beyond it's time.

Why isn't the spectre of national bankruptcy a national issue or at least a campaign issue? For the same reason they didn't want to get us all in a tizzy about terrorists before 9/11 -- so we'd keep on "going about our normal lives," flying and shopping and spending as if these were acts of patriotism and civic duty?

If the country goes bankrupt and falls into tatters on its own swords of greed and military madness, might that be the real way the terrorists win?


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