Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leiberman Slicks His Wounds

Spinmeister Leiberman, Clueless Joe, has a democratic hangover today, democratic small d. And he may be on his way to having a Democratic hangover - or could we say "fly by"? - large D. Leibermann is proving he's all spin, a disavowing, disloyal opportunist at heart.

Meanwhile, the morning after, Mr. Leiberman is swallowing his bitter pill, trying to sound upbeat (and even victorious, if a bit premature) about his chances of knocking out the two guys coming at him from the left AND the right. He's slickly trying to appeal to the big tent rainbow coalition moderates, the defenders of military might, but alas, he still sounds groggy. He still sounds like a slyly demeaning grandfather, part Mr. Rogers, a cloak for his Dr. Snide.

For years, I've thought Leiberman has been disingenuous with us, not saying outright that he wants the U.S., in cahoots with armed-to-the-teeth Israel, to aggressively, offensively chop up the Arab world into little pieces. If they - the Muslims and heathens - rattle their swords, we should rattle the ground beneath their feet, preferably until our "righteous" forces blow those hearts of darkness off the map.

But for Joe now, perhaps, no rehire in his shining city on the hill. Some die-hard dems see him for what he is -- an insiders' insider, trying to make that shining city yet another heart of darkness.

Welcome to the feeling of defeat.

And here's the bottom line: if Leiberman runs as an independent, as today he has declared himself to be, then he is no longer a Democrat, as of now -- and should immediately be stripped of all party perks and power. Win or loose, Ned Lamont is the only candidate from Connecticut deserving Democratic Party power and prestige from here on out.


At 8/09/2006 6:27 PM, Blogger Rhesus Pieces said...

I think with Leiberman we had a person that was able to see beyond the black and white that the politics require. I think that it speaks badly of our politics when someone is offed because he doesn't follow the party line.

At 8/09/2006 7:08 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Gotta say I think it was the war issue, not party protocol or policy, and even more tellingly his 'kissing up' to Bush which cost Leiberman the primary.

And let's hope Lamont is a New Dem, a la a more palatable Howard Dean, standing his ground - just as Leiberman stood - and then squished in - his ground. I'd agree that no hero would merely tote the party line. But then no hero would tote Bush's b.s. either.


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