Friday, April 07, 2006


Hmmm... why is it that what some of us knew about the wheelings and dealings (and movtives and coersions) of the Bush administration some years ago are JUST NOW really reaching even the beginning of critical mass in the MASS MEDIA?

Yes, that is the so-called liberal media. The big, corporate media that, in retrospect, seem to have bought the BushCo smoke screens for SO LONG, well into his SECOND (!!!) term.

The liberal media exists. It's not a complete fabrication. But who reads it? Rather obscure magazines like The American Prospect and The Progressive.

There does not seem to be any liberal media on TV. Maybe a few rational moderates amongst the wolves, but liberals? Nah.

And so the smokescreen, until now, when the cracks in the crack up are starting to make some real headlines - the kind of headlines in the kind of places that people who don't hardly ever pay much attention to the news might even pay a bit of attention to.

Let's get a fresh breeze coming through to blow that smoke away - and even if years late, maybe "before it's too late."

Whatever THAT is.


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