Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Without DeLay

Well, it's not like this is sudden or anything, even if the fall has been a bit precipitous. This guy lasted in Congress, handily re-elected ELEVEN (yes, ELEVEN) times. So what took so long for the hound dogs to catch up with the squirrel?

And now the question isn't, "Can he hang on to his majority leader seat?" And not even "Can this guy get re-elected again?" Those questions, better late than never, are now answered.

No, the new question is, "Can Tom DeLay become the most powerful lobbiest in Washington?" Or, "Can he make a million on the lecture circuit?" Or, "Will he team up with Karl Rove to bury a few good non-fundamentalists?"

Maybe the question now, for Mr. DeLay, is: "Will he start his own church?" And horrors, "Will those clear-headed Sugar Landers name an airport after him?"

Tom DeLay remains dangerous. He might just be smart enough to make himself a martyr. For heaven's sake, the exterminator wants nothing more than to sit on the far right hand of his very own god.


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