Thursday, March 23, 2006

George Clooney Wrote This Post


What was Arianna thinking?

Putting words in George's mouth, even if they were his own words, ok, like, 82 percent of them were his words or like his words or words he'd used in another context, in another medium - as he countered, answers not stand alone declarations.

And speaking of mediums, the medium is certainly part of the message, and the part of the message that the medium is is the message's credibility.

And blogging ain't the most credible of mediums, no matter what the folksy egalitarian, voice-of-the-people proponents of blogland say. No matter what they say, blogging is still mostly a bunch of refutable blather, webby slush for gossip and third hand news and rehashes of rehashed, far from the brick walls resolute journalists strive to build.

Blogging is blather. It's not journalism like religion is not science.

So best to be humble and stick to saying something worth saying - and writing well, no matter whose name goes on the posts.

On the other hand, I'd sure appreciate if George or even Arianna would do a guest post or two right here at A Better Nation.


At 3/24/2006 4:44 AM, Anonymous blue turtle said...

Weblogs are part of the journalism community. A lot of articles are indeed an opinion of someone and pretty much is a lot of blathering. Case in point - Spike Lee made a comment about what George said at the Oscars. I think he actually that he was not "hating" on George, but that he thought George got it wrong. The headlines, if you do a search on Clooney in google news, run the spectrum from Lee's "critique" to "Slamming" or "bashing" Clooney.

The problem with the Clooney blog is that it was deceptive, and a few other things. Democrats/liberals/left cannot rant against this administration for doing the same and commit the VERY same crime.

The blog read very differently from the way that they were originally posed in conversation ...


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