Monday, April 03, 2006

Ok, God

God? God? Can you hear me?

OK, proove you're not just a special interest constituent of the GOP.

Proove you've got enough guts to be for humanity en masse (not just those IN mass) and for - how about it - LIFE and HEALTHY LIVING on this PLANET, by god, and by God, that means YOU.

How about blessing the Democrats and the pacifists and the U.N. and the peace keepers and the peace makers and the honest to God Jesus types (NOT the Jesus Freaks) with enough guts and gumption to stand up to and overrule this right wing slaughter of our nation's virtues.

God, you know the dead. Surely you've got a direct line to the Founding Fathers. If they're rolling over in their graves right now, would you please send visual proof of that - via direct feed - to PBS, NPR and CNN, Harper's, The New Yorker, The Nation and The Progressive. Give those guys, who have a few shreads of journalistic integrity left, the edge on what genuinely might be called a Really BIG Scoop.

Then send CONCLUSIVE evidence over to FOX and Pat 'Assasinate Our Enemies' Robertson, so those guys can finally, for REAL, cower in the shadow of your omniscient power. Show 'em who's BOSS. Don't let 'em keep getting away with - guilty by association - your formerly good name, throwing dump truck loads of dirt on your grave, God.

Yes, those guys on the right, they'd just as soon you be dead. They wouldn't want the REAL you interferring with their broadcasts and their boatloads of contributions from lowly humans who seem to so easily confuse the Dogma of Dirt with The Real You.

Get after 'em. And the best way to do that is to come around again, no matter how you do it, and do it for the meek, who haven't been planning to inherit the Earth, by the way, and rightly so, because they'd be fools these days to think that any meek anything would inherit more than some meager CANNED GOODS and MAJOR, CRIPPLING DEBT from the mighty who still seem to be winning with their oh so covert and yet very catchy "Might Makes Right" propaganda.

OK, God, step up to the plate. Be gentle but firm. If you need some lessons for modern times, start with the Dalai Lama, but for Heaven's sake, don't stop there. Don't wait for reincarnations or for Hell to freeze over. The Earth, let's just say, is not getting any colder these days, so Hell seems to be having a field day. No, I think right about now would be good timing.

Show us what a magnanimous God is made of. And thanks!


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