Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rove V. Cheney

An acquaintance asked me who did I think was worse, Karl Rove or Dick Cheney.

I took a few minutes and got back to him.

Now it's true that Mr. Rove's bite is even bigger than his bark. But then so is Mr. Cheney's. In Mr. Rove's case it is because he is suave. In Mr. Cheney's case it is because he hides behind both cloak and dagger. Both are juggernauts taking this submarining administration toward the rocks. So I had to think on this a bit.

But not too long. The answer came:

Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney is the worser of two evils, I said, because he is (even if at the bottom of the ticket) an ELECTED official. And we have got to expect the best of elected officials. They owe it to their country and to the world to be models of what it means to be not just a public figure but a public servant.

Karl Rove, he's just a hired hack, a la down and dirty demogogues, not high falutin' democracy. Rove is just a hired hand, a gunslinger, without any credentials for or aspirations to being the Next-In-Line "Leader of the Free World'. Ouch. NOT that IT (the world) would be free if Mr. Cheney had his way. Come to think of it, not that it's free now, since it does seem the VP's fingerprints are on the steering wheel.


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