Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Next White House

'Tis the Ides of March, a day to relish political forboding and woe.

Who's on first? Who's up next?

In review, I'm just not that excited about the next presidential election. Been there, done that. I'm still a Howard Dean kinda guy, the way some people still go for Kennedy or Reagan.

I worked for Dean in Iowa (I was there in the room that night) and in New Hampshire just a few few weeks later, on the icy ground, door to door. I may not lift a finger for the next herd or even the next Democratic candidate. None of the strutters signed-on so far get me excited because I now know how even the freethinkers and the good can be fooled and made fools of. There will be hyped headlines from now till then, and that turns me off, big time. We'll be in another horse race to the Twilight Zone.

I think the more interesting question is not who will be the jackass nominee but what the heck will the next White House accomplish.

With his lowly Mr. Rogers cardigans and his loving yet lofty soft shoe, Jimmy Carter blew it early on. And Bill Clinton sure doesn't have much to show at this point for his eight years in the West Wing. I'd much rather have had Martin Sheen for those eight years.

So what can a seemingly positive and so-called "progressive" president accomplish?

What do you bleeding hearts really think even a philosopher king on the progressive side of things could get DONE?


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