Tuesday, May 08, 2007

To Live and Die in LA

This just in from a friend of a friend in LA:

new record of heat today. even the coast-line was 90 degrees. fire season is june 1st. and we are in it a month already, because of only 17th % of regular rainfall. rattle-snake season is 2 - 3 months early. pollen is super early, and very heavy. gasoline hit over $ 4.00 in L A today for super premium. L A police are rather proficient in gestapo tactics. just a little out of kilter in crowd control during may day rally. otherwise all fine and normal. john.

----- End forwarded message -----

Kind of reminds me of the Talking Heads' prescient song, "Life During Wartime."


At 5/09/2007 12:05 PM, Anonymous chaz B said...

GAS-O-leen rhymes with NIC-O-teen. suck it up you addicts!



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