Monday, August 20, 2007

What Europe's Got We Haven't Got

Culturally, Europe's gone the way of secularism and facts, while the United States seems a bit stuck in the proverbial muck of faith and fictions we uphold to boost our feelings of superiority -- thus still revealing underlying feelings of inadequacy.

When it comes to compartmentalizing faith, I do think that the Europeans have a lot to teach our more backward Americans about how to run a civil society, as regards the mixing up of church and state, as regards criminality, incarceration,
violence, aggression and all sorts of other civil and uncivil matters.

The problem is that, since the post-WWII boom, American culture has been driven by the god of GROWTH, by materialism, by rather righteous dreams of wealth and a Juggernaut Named DESIRE.

This country's fuel, for better or worse, is raw, often unilateral competition, whereas the Europeans have gone the route of multilateral cooperation toward the collective good, a more altruistic (and sustainable) approach in my book.


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