Friday, October 19, 2007

If the Election Were Held Today... DFA POLL!

My dear friend Rhonda sent a bunch of us this message:

Subject: DFA Poll -- give it up for Gore!

Hi, I wanted to drop you a short note to ask for your help. DFA [Democracy for America] is holding a presidential primary pulse poll to decide which candidate deserves their support. I voted for Al Gore, and we need more votes to move him up a place in the poll.

Could you take a minute to add your write in vote for Al Gore right now? Here's the link:

I'm not giving up on Al!!

If you want someone else, ignore this message. Just kidding!

Go to the site and vote. It's fun to see who's winning.

Thanks, Rhonda


To which I responded:

Lawrence here.

I voted...

...for John Edwards, who really is my first choice and has been ever since Howard Dean got sidelined. I put Al Gore second and Bill Richardson third. But then we all know that, as of October at least, there is no surprise: on every level, Hillary's got a lock on things. She's the powerhouse candidate. Only question: who'll be her VP?

I don't find workhorse Hillary or brave Barack or even Nobel Gore to be the voices I most want to have addressing me from the Oval Office in times of need and sorrow. (Al still has not learned to be anything but stiffly scripted, and though much smarter than the current occupant, I am tired of stiff. I missed Kennedy, especially RFK, and Edwards is as close as this gang gets.)

Edwards is a genuinely heartfelt advocate for the poor who has the Clintonesque touch (that would be Clinton, as in BILL) in a town hall, and Edwards' wife Elizabeth would make a GREAT first lady!

Edwards himself would make a deft and encouraging showing on the world stage, in the bright and shining mode, truly a fresh face for a tired old club. And of the announced candidates, Edwards has the most aggressive things to say about gas guzzlers, sprawl, American excess (with some irony there, to be sure), as well as global issues, including the withdrawal of American troops from Muslim regions. And in the DFA poll, I am glad to see, Edwards is running way ahead of Clinton, right behind Gore's ghost!

How about voting for a committed candidate who is actually running?

And your consolation prize: Al Gore would make a fantastic Secretary of State!

Thanks, Lawrence


At 10/22/2007 5:43 AM, Anonymous rq said...

Divided we fall!!! I hope Al Gore does not become the Ralph Nader of this election. Don't we all remember that Al would have been President if he had gotten the Nader votes.

At 10/22/2007 10:58 AM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Hi RQ, I think the DFA poll is trying to gauge the popularity of various candidates for the Democratic Party, not encouraging anyone to run as an independent. I don't think Gore would run as an independent.


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