Friday, December 28, 2007

Dear Iowans Likely to Caucus

Well, Iowan caucus-goers and nation, even though the epic election begins next year, as of now it really is less than a week away. Already. The elephant in the holidays, dressed up for New Year's Eve and the Circus d' 08. Who ever thought this idea of crunching a wintery blizzard of canvassing and caucusing right into the middle of the Jesus Season (otherwise known as the Santa and Snow Storm and Champagne and After Christmas Sales Galas and Bowl Games Season) was a good idea? Hmmm?

Meanwhile, we've got to go with it, even those of us who live in states that lean precariously Red AND which are LPS (LPS, that would be Late Primary States, such as Big Red, big and behind the curve Texas). Never have we "late" staters felt so much like we were waiting helplessly in the wings, not even really part of the process. It seems to me, we of the sensible spring primaries, we've got to get our feet in the door in the early states, at least until some sane new spring schedule of these things gets put in place of this premature holiday hoedown.

As regular readers know, I worked Iowa in '04 for Dean, and now I am a John Edwards enthusiast, and so I'm pitching here as I see fit -- to a state that really does matter. Dear Iowans Likely to Caucus, lend me your ears (as well as your courage and your convictions).

I have friends in Iowa, and so I just sent a link to my recent post endorsing John Edwards, which you can see as the December 13th post here at ABN.

As an intro to that post, here's what I said to my friends:

Hi Friends,

Since by March my vote in Texas may not count for anything (if it ever did), I forward this to you, one of several takes on John Edwards (and Iowa) at my blog, "A Better Nation." All three of the top contenders are decent candidates, but I asked myself, who would I most want to have talking to me from the Oval Office in a time of need? Clinton and Obama came up as capable but shrill, packaged, not really inspiring, much less heroic. I suppose it turns out that, of the three, I think John Edwards would be the most heroic and comforting.

I hope things go well on Thursday for the candidate who, for now, is showing the most conviction -- and enough warmth to melt the ice off the sidewalks.



At 12/31/2007 11:50 AM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Posted on CNN Monday the 31st, here is something Edwards said on Sunday:

"I hear people say you can sit at a table with these people, negotiate with them, and they will volunteer their power away. That is a complete fantasy. You can't ‘nice’ these people to death."

Edwards then added that special interests "will never give their power away. The only way we are going to get their power away, is we are going to take their power away from them, and we have an epic fight in front of us. You’d better send somebody into that arena who’s ready for the fight."

I want a fighter, a la Teddy, a la Truman, a la Dean. I'm standing by my man.


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