Thursday, February 07, 2008

Circling the Wagons

Win together or fall apart. With Romney's withdrawal, within hours or days, the Republicans will be circling the wagons.

Maybe fairly soon -- within hours or days or at most weeks -- it will be time for Clinton and Obama to get their wagons together as well, hitched to one star or another.

UPDATE: Later in the day, the same conservative group that heard Romney's announcement gave McCain a chance. He got cheers and boos. If only liberals would boo the middling candidates we've had to suffer for years. The left should have booed Clinton -- Bill, that is. And the left should boo Hillary Clinton as well, for ever having supported and/or financed this shameful and, yes, conspiratorial war.

I have to hand it to the far right: via talk radio and even in person, they're willing to make some noise against what they see as the white-washing of the causes they care about the most.

I can't say the left has the same gumption.

Note to Harry Reid and his ilk: politeness is not everything in politics.

Talk about white-washing: just say "NO" to candidates who have ever supported brutish, illegal imperialism, whether overt or covert.


At 2/08/2008 8:33 AM, Blogger Duane said...

After reading a number of your recent posts, I was thinking to myself that you had adopted a kinder, gentler more objective approach to your political discourse. While I don’t agree with much of what you say, I generally enjoy reading your blog and respect your right to say it in the manner of your recent posts.

I was disappointed to read, "Circling the Wagons." It was back to conspiracy theories and demonizing the opposition. In my opinion, demonizing the opposition has more to say about the writer than it has about the opposition.

At 2/08/2008 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Blog I always enjoy the commentary, it is very informative and entertaining.

I was wondering if you or your readers knew a good place to find an easy, simply read place to find out where the candidates stand on global warming.

I saw the earthlab poll and it is obvious that people care but the candidates websites have so much other information it is hard to find what I need with out being preached at. also has candidate information that’s pretty good: . Does anyone know of another website to find this information? Any other good resources where we I can find out how my candidate votes?

At 2/08/2008 5:42 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

No conspiracy theory here, just offering an observation and strategy which I feel works for any and all political parties. Thus, many might see this "circling the wagons/shouting down the compromised middle" strategy as an "objective" offering on my part.

At 2/08/2008 6:00 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

On the other hand, come to think of it, a political party IS a conspiracy to promote, coercively and even brutishly, its political philosophy and its agenda.

The parties even keep out outsiders, the so-called "independents", and marginalize them so effectively that "conspiracy" is not far off, if not right on.

We here at ABN call a spade a spade, Duane.

At 2/08/2008 6:20 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

My friend RQ Judy gave me the title and, roughly, the theme for this post. Having put Duane's criticism to her directly, she said, reasonably I feel, that "conspiracy" implies "overthrowing the government... this [circling of the wagons] is more of a collaboration." I think that puts it pretty well, and I am happy to offer up that clarification to all. What do you think?

At 2/08/2008 8:11 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

As I write this, Newt Gingrich and Laura Ingraham on FOX are supporting my point in this post: that political constituents should not be quiet when the opposition does something they consider "wrong" and that they not consistently or obediently move to the middle to support the "consensus" candidate or "leader". I figure I'm with Newt and that Ingraham fox on FOX on this one.

Moral of the story: Hold your ground, and shout it to the cheap seats.

At 2/12/2008 4:34 AM, Anonymous rq said...

When Romney withdrew so abruptly, my first reaction was that there must be a deal in the works to "circle the wagons" and get a head start on the Democrats who were still fighting tooth and nail. Evidently I was wrong, or else Huckabee just didn't get the e-mail. News stories are "free" publicity. If you stop fighting, you lose all that coverage. I'm an amateur, so what do I know.

At 2/12/2008 7:37 AM, Anonymous Lorenzo said...

True, RQ, gave me the idea and the title for this post.

Since then, I've heard several television journalists and commentators use the phrase or some close variant thereof, and so I think the idea holds.

Romney really wanted to make a good investment with millions of his own money. Huckabee is running an inexpensive, less personal campaign, and Huckabee is a tougher bird than the rather effete Romney.

I think Huckabee is right to say that some continuing competition keeps the Republicans more vital and engaged than if McCain were already a completely done deal.


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