Friday, January 25, 2008

Bono, Bill, Gore, Dean, Davos

Once a year, a month after Christmas, the world actually revolves not around Bethlehem or London or New York, Washington or Baghdad or Mecca, but around Davos. This is the week of the annual World Economic Forum, which draws the likes of capitalist kingpins and political rock stars -- and even some elected officials of the first tier. Also some of the most connected "independents". It's the Sundance of running planet Earth.

Bono is there (again). Bill Gates is there (again). And so is Al Gore. Gore's A-list attendance once (again) brings up the specter of a Gore candidacy back in the United States -- or at least (hey, throw us a crumb!) a Gore endorsement of someone who is actually running for something besides Tech Geek Guru Superman Savior of the World.

Well, as for the candidacy, after being elevated to Nobel Laureate status, Gore is learning to sit more comfortably on the highest of fences.

And as for the endorsement, won't happen. Gore learned his lesson by endorsing Howard Dean early in the '04 cycle (he actually busted that move way back in 2003, even before Howard made the cover of Rolling Stone).

But (again), the pundits (or some) are chattering on about the elephant in the Green Room.

And (again), here's my take, in brief, as stated today at the Cafferty Files on

IMAGINE: In 2000, Gore briefly considered Edwards as his running mate. I think Leiberman was a mistake (and I am certainly not alone in that). I propose that if Gore had gone with Edwards, Edwards would be running for president this year, but he would be running as the incumbent Vice President. Moral of the story: both Gore and Edwards remain important to the progressive movement, and I hope that Gore and Edwards stay in the ring, if not in the race.


At 1/27/2008 12:43 PM, Blogger Lora said...

Wow, Bono, Bill, and Gore at Davos!
Now, they need to call the rest!

Many Powerful Men
A never ending poem
Inspired by women friends

Many powerful men with compassion, want the world to change.
I know that these men together, will bring survival into range!
A few who rule our countries, have lost conscience and common sense.
Powerful men can get them to stand down. Why are these rulers so dense?
David Suzuki, scientist, zoologist, and geneticist so bold!
Wants nature to survive bad business, or many species will fold!
Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, took carbon for his cause.
He tried to convince politicians to learn atmospheric laws.
Stephen Hawking with his genius, is astronomer extraordinare.
He investigates the universe; for the truth he has utmost care!
Paul McCartney inspires. He and the Beatles sang great songs,
Of freedom, love and peace, hoping one would right the world's wrongs!
Jimmy Carter was a president, who thought we should use less oil.
Then and now he speaks out, against all businesses who spoil!
Bruce Cockburn, militant musician, uses his guitar instead of a gun.
He sings all people are equal to him and believes we could all live as one.
Neil Young sings Living with War. He refuses to silence his voice,
For freedom for all to live and let live. Most of us have got the choice.
George Clooney is spreading the truth, through film. He wants life more fair.
He produces and acts for mankind. His good looks give me reason to stare!
Noam Chomsky, a linguist at large, shares truth about corruption most high.
Stories that intrigue and inspire us all to take less. Now I do know why.
Nelson Mandela was punished by law for standing up as a man.
He has prayed that all men be just. I am sure that white man can!
Richard Gere brought compassion and peace with Buddhist friends.
To Atlanta, Georgia, to leaders and to me. Love he defends!
Sean Connery, sexy secret agent and extraordinary gentleman,
Gives to his country and education. He can help, I know he can.
Wayne Gretzky, hockey great and family man, helps kids when he can.
Skating was passion and his joy of the thrill, for each and every fan!
David R. Ford has researched sex and drugs by nature. He and I agree
Prohibition is a stupid law. God made it, so it should be free for me.

If all those above could just get together. They have right on their side.
Maybe they can stop war, poverty and abuse for all victims nations wide.
And all over the world where man has made a few mistakes and not cared.
We may have a chance to survive. So let's have PEACE ON EARTH declared!

Love Lora Bruncke

More for
Many Powerful Men

Stephen Lewis wants help with HIV/AIDS.
Campaigning for Africa before her lite fades.
Bill Gates gives aid to Africa. Why?
Hardware, software, he is tech, most high.
Edward Hooper wrote The River for AID.
The source, of course, we must not evade.
Don Cheadle is another FOR AFRICA star.
He ACTs for all kind and inspires from afar.

More Powerful Musical Men

Bob Dylan knows what's blowing in the wind; he sings answers for us all.
Some ignore his visions, but he is right: A hard rain's a-gonna fall.
Bruce Springsteen is the boss. For the working class he takes his stand,
Playing powerful guitar, friends at his side, for his American land.
Bob Geldof told world leaders that they need to help all others.
He created Live 8, a world musical event, to help us save our brothers.
Bono, with Dublin friends, sings at a place called Vertigo, and will
Until the end of the world, with or without you, running to stand still.
Bon Jovi is a singing man, who should become an American politician.
He has power, looks, and charisma. His government needs a musician!

More Powerful Men

Michael Moore, master of documenting fact,
Is trying to encourage US to try a new tact.
Kevin Trudeau thinks it is all about the money!
What he sees as poison some market as honey!
Bill Clinton was tried for trying to protect
His family. For him and them, I have great respect!
Marc Emery sold his bold seeds for change.
To grow the best drug Mother could arrange!
Barry Cooper wants all drug wars to end.
Marijuana is a natural way for our life to mend!
Barack Obama, politician, anti-war from the start.
Wants to “Bring 'em Home”! and play the lead part!

Love Lora Bruncke

Please feel free to write below the name of any powerful man you would like added.

At 1/27/2008 6:12 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

WOW, I wanna know who this Lora Bruncke is! From David Suzuki to Noam Chomsky, gosh jeez, a whole host of heroes, I'd say! Good work! Let's hear from you some more!

Human survival is (probably) not at stake. Certainly a few hundred million could survive even the worst disasters even our most flaming fantacists have cooked up. What is at stake (and already sadly compromised and endangered) is the quality of life for six billion, much less any more to come.

And so in the meantime,
things not being quite the same,
we gather good will and rhyme
and carry on the circle game.

At 3/23/2008 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you might enjoy the new men I added!
Have a Sacred Sunday!

More Powerful Men (cont)

Robin Williams, actor, is brilliant and then some.
Everyone's hero, jumanji, what dreams may come.
Tiger Woods, sportsman, is the best man can be.
His gift is his smile and he shares it with me.
Michael Jackson, wrote the best music of our age.
Spirits for The Dance can't be confined to man's cage!

Love Lora Bruncke

Powerful Dead Men

Gandhi, one holy man above, really inspires me.
We will have peace, if you will look, to see what we see!
Einstein was a master of math with scientific mind.
Who would use his ideas for war?. That was so unkind!
Abe Lincoln loved the many colours and nature of man.
His vision was one of justice, of which I am a fan.
John Lennon shared his passion for our world peace.
His words and his music give me so much release!
George Harrison, my first love, harmonized guitar
And sang for the Beatles. Now I wish upon his star.
Bob Marley wrote reggae for peace among all races.
I think he wanted to see a smile on all of our faces.
Dr. Suess wrote that Horton Heard A WHO,
The Cat in the Hat with Green Eggs and Ham, too.
John Belushi, Blues Brother, did his last speedball.
Surrounded by those who loved him. Did his saviour call?
Walt Disney, story teller and man with a dyslexic gift.
Shared the truth with love to give all his kids a lift.
Davey Crockett shares a birthday with my precious son.
Remember the Alamo? Brown, red and white must be ONE.
Ed Murrow, journalist, did not fear knowledge nor the end.
He was loved and admired by so many. His truth I defend.
JFK, young good looking Irish well loved leading man.
Ask what you can do for your country! I know we all can!
Pierre Trudeau, one great Canadian who said, 'Just watch me.'
Became a beloved Prime Minister to many, I know you agree.

I Can't Stop More Powerful Men

Ringo Starr can play rhythm for my song.
He and I see an easy way to right all the wrong.
Elton John sings Candle In the Wind with love.
He, like all men, must be inspired from above!
Tom Cruise, actor, and stunningly sexy man,
Has love from his God from whom time began.
Mel Gibson, Mad Max, has a passion for his Christ.
He makes me think religious wars are now overpriced.
Desmond Tutu wants us to be democratic and just.
A holy man with earthly ambitions that I can surely trust.
Justin Trudeau should start a new Trudeaumania fuss.
He has vision that can save us if we let his youth inspire us.
Steven Speilberg pushes acting out from his friends.
He inspires with picture shows. Can we not make amends?
Lenny Kravitz sings he wants to start a love revolution.
Nothing to lose, if we all think about evolution.

Love Lora Bruncke

I Can't Stop More Powerful Men Continued Forever

Harrison Ford, heroes Han Solo and Indiana Jones.
He can take down anyone who is bad to the bones!
Jim Carrey, merry manic master, WHO I must find
To write me a check to spend on saving mankind!
Brad Pitt, rich and sexy, wants peace for all brothers.
His looks and morals endear him to loving mothers.
Matt Damon, Bourne Boston boy, informant for truth,
Plays the Good Shepherd for all the world's youth.
Jack Black, comedian, musician, actor and good guy.
I know this because he appeals to my kids and I.
Jack White, actor producer, and moral musical man.
I know. He sings to my kids. Now I am his fan!
Todd Butler sings out about hidden truths and lies
That some bureaucrats spin. Bad guys, I now despise.
Paul Martin, past Prime Minister, stirs up in me.
Hope for a peace keeping Canada, kind, just and free.
Michael Jordon, Chicago Bull Hoopster for Space Jam.
Shooting guard, back as a Wizard, impressed I am!

Please feel free to write below the name of any powerful man you would like added


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