Monday, January 14, 2008

"Recession" is not a religious term


We NEED a recession.

A recession is consistent with what we need for our long-term well being.

If consumption, pollution, sprawl, debt, extravagance, waste and inflation are the enemies of our long-term well being, then a recession is the answer to those things.

You can't have it both ways -- constant growth AND conservation.

And conservation is the basis of retaining some of what is left.

And so, as gently as we can get it, let's welcome a recession, one step in heading toward the end of rampant, wanton capitalism as we know it.

You've seen the yard signs that say "War is not the answer."

Well, clearly, as Americans seem to know it and champion it and hail it as a religion, capitalism is not the answer, either.

And so, let's enjoy this adjustment against cancerous growth. Put the reins on the spoiled. Get serious about redistributing the wealth. Recession: bring it on.


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