Friday, June 06, 2008

$4 gas? How about $8 gas?

Oil doesn't grow on trees.

Not $10/barrel oil, not $138/barrel oil.

Three things:

1. Stop your whining, especially if you had kids. Where do you think the increased demand came from?

2. Politicians, stop your pandering. There is never a bad time to implement a carbon tax. Show some guts.

3. Ever heard of the profit motive? Let's all remember that, in this capitalist system, the oil companies are not in this as a public service. They are there to make billions of dollars in profit. Love it or change it.

When I was a teenager in the early '70s, the planet had two billion fewer people than it has now. But I saw rampant growth all around me. Wide open Texas? Maybe on a stretch of highway between Midland and Marfa, but I grew up in Dallas, at the time the eighth largest city in the United States, and in every direction, I saw the prairie going under. I saw the suburbs steamroll the "wide open" with asphalt and sprawling houses.

We always knew this was coming: $4 gasoline 30 years later seems cheap. Now, $5 will start to seem expensive, and $6 will actually make a difference. But we know that $10 gasoline is coming, relative to income and the U.S. dollar. We know it's coming. We just don't know when. Oil is like diamonds, except oil is not a girl's best friend, and oil is not forever. You can get by in life with one modest diamond. One. Try that with a tank of gasoline. And yet, every day, there are millions of barrels less oil on Earth than there were the day before. When it comes to oil, gone is gone (except that it hangs in the air and thus in our bodies as a waste product, biting us in the asthma and the atmosphere).

We need expensive oil and pricey gas to get us to grow up and stop behaving like spoiled brats. The problem is that very few people are getting rich off all this. It is time for the governments of the world to conserve and protect our precious natural resources.

Especially when those resources are priceless.


At 6/29/2008 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diamonds were never a girl's best friend.
Marketers lied.

Diamonds are No Longer a Girls Best Friend
Inspired by Workers of the World Relax by Conrad Schmidt

I have read Chomsky and Suzuki and want to start a commotion.
Give back my diamond ring, with respect and loving emotion.
To Mr. Mandela and all his people. Let's put in plan a motion.
Make restitution for lives taken. Many know the truth, I have a notion.

The cost of precious baubles and the resources we devour,
Has put in the mouths of the rest of the world a taste that is so sour.
They wonder how white man with forked tongue managed to gain such power.
They do not judge any man's worth by the height of his ivory tower.

We must chart a cleaner path, teach our children simple math.
The more you take the less you have. Lookout for righteous wrath,
As we follow consumerism down a brutal garden path.
Our drive to build the biggest, could cause a bad blood bath.

The sounds of laughter are sweet to hear. Why did we divide,
Families into such small groups, hear how a culture cried.
Big spacious homes but all alone. Oh how the media lied.
Big families, small homes and lots of love, live on the other side.

The quest for more has revealed much less.
Less health, less love, less homemade mess
More abuse, more murder, more lies to confess.
We will destroy ourselves, if we all get too careless.

In days around World War II, many lost a life.
Mans' hatred for those different, caused innocent lives such strife.
Why do men abuse the kids and some do it to their wife?
Many children are lying now under a killing knife.

Let's live by a Prime Directive. Make sure it's fair, not like the First
Where the nature of man was judged by a greater god thirst.
Has knowledge of one god brought out man kinds' worst?
Why did the holy ones treat woman as if we were cursed?

It is time to trade love and nature for man made toxic things.
Live with less, love with less, share the work; we can all be kings.
We can live without a lot of things, even those expensive rings.
I will gladly trade my diamond ring for a world where harmony sings.

Lora Bruncke


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