Friday, May 23, 2008

Veeps Sweeps

Every four years, I love playing the VP Sweepstakes.

And so the talk is now being walked, if not paraded just yet. You know McCain is bar-b-queing for his buddy ups before having serious sit downs. And Obama? Obama has to wait until he can figure out how to, at once, knock Hillary out AND win her over (her and her millions of loyal and even rabid fans).

Since he can't pick Hillary, McCain (yes, John McCain) would do well to pick...

... Bill Richardson as his running mate. Yep, do the cool crossover thing and put a real dent in the Democrats. McCain might have picked Kerry in 2000, and Kerry seriously considered McCain in 2004, and so a crossover is not out of the question. It's just unlikely. A neighborly Arizona-New Mexico alliance, and Richardson could bring both experience, youth and a darker shade of skin to the Republican side.

Chuck Hagel? A friend and a tough, manly campaigner, also a maverick. For two gray-white guys, they'd make a strong team.

You know, there just aren't that many quality Republican guys around these days. Who would be his best match? Sandra Day O'Connor, but then that is sticking to Sun City a bit much. Newt, back from academic purgatory? Mitt is chomping at the bit, and he is an ingratiating shoe salesman. McCain probably doesn't think much of him and dreads seeing his name so high on the list, right above monkey man Huckabee, who would be cool. I vote for Huckabee to bring the most to the ticket, if a daring crossover is out of the question and Margaret Thatcher turns down the offer.

OK, Obama actually has it easier than McCain does this round. The way I see it, he's got a top three right now, without all this vetting and circling the wagons. Currently, Al Gore tops my list. He's the only person on Earth better for the ticket than Hillary Clinton. She's a runner up in every way to the former VP who knows how to do the job better than anybody.

And then, a few guys deserve honorable mention: Bill Richardson again, though he is a fuddy duddy on the campaign trail, he does have the cred and could bring along some Hispanics, if Hispanics actually matter enough to bring not popular votes but Electoral College votes. Remember, this is all about, not us, We the People, but they, the SUPER SUPER delegates, the Electoral College (and let's hope not the Supreme Court this time). And so the fourth and only other top candidate, I'd say, for Obama, is Ed Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania. Rendell might put PA in the electoral bag, and he's got clout with the blue collar throngs Obama needs to carry him over the top.


At 5/24/2008 12:01 AM, Blogger Pradeep said...

Hillary shouldn't worry that if she is a vice president she wouldn't be in the limelight, that she would have just a back-up role. Coming to think of it, actually it wouldn't be a role totally unfamiliar to her, for that's what she had been doing for eight long years when hubby Bill was in the White House. She is quite used to this sort backseat driving.. don't you think so?..

At 5/24/2008 3:00 AM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Pradeep, good point, but in related news, Hillary just shot herself in the foot (or maybe the mouth) today by referring to the RFK assassination as one reason she is staying in the race. No matter how she tries to climb or crawl out of that gaff, it will sting (and maybe bleed) for a long time. I think it was her worst campaign mistake so far, and the timing is excruciating as so many are now tiring of her doggedness.

At 5/30/2008 10:19 PM, Blogger Bobby McGill said...

Ahhh yes, those pesky super super delegates!

Good stuff... look forward to reading you more.



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