Friday, March 07, 2008

The Medium is the Monster

Now, huh?

Who's the monster?

Not Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, compared to many candidates, is no monster.

But look at the rabid junkyard dogs of the media.

Radio. Television. Print. Web.

The media are the monsters.

The media are all over this up and down, and one could argue, they drive the negativity of the candidates, quite often. The media are absolutely rabid for the ups and downs, the stellar ascensions and tawdry downfalls, the headlines and endless/daily intrigue. AND THEY HELP MAKE THEM.

The media help escalate, exaggerate and exacerbate, even masturbate these things to a FROTH.

They're jerking off and jerking us off. For what?

For sales? For viewers? For audience share.

We're always in danger of having plenty of FREE press but very little just consideration, thorough consideration. Both politicians and journalists are now, to some extent, in the same game: sales. Promoting sound bites.

Feel free to fear not for the fate of a free press but of a market-driven press. Feel free to fear for the fate of any semblance of a healthy, progressive democracy.

Hillary is not the monster (though plenty say so at happy hour and not-so-happy hour). The drive, the DRILL TO WIN is the monster.

Have a nice weekend, and as ever, happy campaign trails!


At 3/07/2008 7:07 PM, Blogger lookslikerain said...

I've been a reader, but infrequent poster, at After reading troll comments such as "Palestinians terrosits are subhuman who shouldn't be allowed to breath" I posted what I thought would be an ironic post to the effect that "Exactly. People of color whose lands have been confiscated should be exterminated post-haste". I've been banned. I think the medium monster now extends to arguably liberal sites such as Huffpost. Any thoughts?

At 3/07/2008 7:42 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Hey lookslikerain, interesting contribution here. Seems irony is not the webworld's cup of tea. I've tried it too, irony, that is, and it seems we have to be Mark Twain or as good as Monsieur Clemens to pull it off. Tread deftly, I say, tread with good will. Become a headliner before you burn bridges, eh?

Meanwhile, cheers to you...


At 3/21/2008 6:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try putting it to poetry.
So far I have only been cut once.
As for terrorists:

Inspired by Mr. Gene Roddenberry

Our small lovely planet, with ozone around it,
Spins on its axis, which wobbles a bit.
It flies through the air, like a bubble in space,
Attracting our sun, which shines on our face.
All who fly on it, are connected in life.
All colours of man should live without strife,
In the air that we share, with the bugs and the bird.
To pollute is to kill us. Please let me be heard.
Nature's balance of air was perfect for us,
Nitrogen, oxygen, CO2; why did we fuss,
And make other gases so toxic to man?
For the sake of our kids, these we must ban.
The lungs have no filter, such a sad oversight.
Why does evolution stir up such a fright?
What cell will a foreign gas attack? Is cancer the way
To evolve what man needs, so on earth he can stay?
Our bubble is in trouble, because bullies abound.
Those who are bigger use power to astound.
The big have the brawn and can simply raise a hand,
To smite the smaller, before they can take a stand.
Terrorists are desperate men. We have all seen the horror,
But their life style is threatened by close minded furor.
The big and the powerful can do what they want.
The small have few options, so use terror to haunt.
We all know that white man can tame native land.
Why would he let greed guide what he wants banned?
We are the leaders now, so with care we must tread,
And clean up our waste, or face a future of dread.
Sewage in water, toxic waste in the ground.
Plastic, battery acid, huge landfills abound.
That's not what's intended, it makes biospheres bad.
We must take care of our bubble or our kids will be sad.
A vision called the prime directive should be put into place.
Let everything be, live in harmony, on our bubble in space.

Lora Bruncke

At 3/21/2008 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot my password so am anonymous.
Left off the title to the above.
It is:

Bubble in Space


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