Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Endorsements waiting in the wings

So here's a scenario: Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama.

Can't do it for some months to come, but Powell has said he has been considering all of the candidates of both parties. Even with his stature as a statesman above the fray, Powell has power.

The thing is, in this sort of celebrity-driven culture, ALL publicity is good publicity. Publicity itself is some sort of warped credibility -- as if, since she's got it, Britney Spears deserves attention. Thus, Mr. Powell's engagement with the candidates on any level matters (hence the article that brought us to this discussion). Even with one's credibility compromised or even trashed, publicity sways our attention, our values, and even our actions.

The mass of rather apolitical Americans give attention to celebrities they'd never give to anybody else. It seems we care more about Tom Cruise's religious views than we do the pope's. And lest we forget, Oprah has shown she's got more than the usual two cents to give.

And then there is Al Gore, who, like Ted Kennedy, all blogger blather aside, could help more than he might hurt. And what of Jimmy Carter? And even Walter Mondale? All political celebrities on the A-list. And John McCain has a few name-brand endorsements he'll be hoping for as well, above and beyond that of Chuck Norris.

The strangest twist might be, if Obama becomes the nominee, to see Bill Clinton red-faced, passionately stumping for Barack. By September, with just two horses left on the track, the bandwagon will be in high gear.


At 2/14/2008 9:51 PM, Blogger Lora said...

I can't help think it would be safer and better for the United States to have a government of triumvirs. Then Hillary, Barack, and one other could rule together as equals and watch each others backs.
One is not enough!
Happy Valentine's Day!

One woman can't keep up to kids, cars and lawns.
She cleans, she cooks, she cries as a new day dawns.
One man can't keep up; he needs gold, toys, viagra.
He may help raise his kids, but tears fall like Niagara.
One child can't keep up. They need love and attention.
And a community to raise them. Delinquent prevention.
One leader can't do it all. Triumvirs would be better.
Three could rule as one, obeying just laws to the letter.
One is not enough. One life, it has to end.
One moves on in wisdom. Life and death I defend.
We can only exist, if we all live as ONE;
All things on this earth, living under one sun.

Lora Bruncke


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