Friday, February 22, 2008

Lawrence Walker Goes Obama

Hi friends of A Better Nation. I've created a blog over at Obama World, otherwise known as Here's the link to my blog in Obama Land, called A Better Nation: Lawrence's Blog. I'm there in Texas, listed by my name, Lawrence Walker, member of about a dozen Obama groups, including Writers for Obama, Bloggers for Obama, Texas for Obama, Austin for Obama, Houston for Obama, and my favorite, AlamObama.

I've attended a compelling Obama Town Hall Meeting in San Antonio and an awesome nighttime rally at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, and I've created my own Obama event, The Kerrville Rally & Walk for Barack Obama, set for 4 PM, Thursday, March 28th.

I've met tens of thousands of fired up people in the cities and, gosh, dozens in the Hill Country.

Not to lose sight of the big picture: Huckabee will probably get more votes than Obama in Kerr County. It's real, status quo-shaking CHANGE or Noah's Ark.

Most people pick ancient parables over paradigm-shifting futures.

Most are focused on the grind, not greatness.

So it goes.


At 2/29/2008 4:08 AM, Anonymous rq said...

Kerrville is mostly 80+ amd hanging on for dear life, literally. Can you imagine how scary Obama is to them?????

At 2/29/2008 9:21 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Seems like old people are supposed to be the ultimate grown ups, with wisdom to spare. Seems like, if they were as wise and admirable as we are supposed to think they are, that our senior citizens would welcome such a smart candidate, such an aware candidate, such an articulate candidate. Can't say I hold much hope for the virtues of a majority of our senior citizens, who are actually, as you suggest, a rather narrow-minded and selfish lot. Whatever happened to the elders?


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