Thursday, February 14, 2008

This Valentine's, give the gift that keeps on giving

This Valentine's, give the gift that keeps on giving: slowness.

Yes, slowness, as slow kisses, slow goodbyes, slow eating, slow driving, slow sex, slow goodnights, slow rituals.

Sensual TV ads might have you convinced otherwise, but really, even diamonds are just trinkets of a sort, a predictable sort, however expensive. It is the delicacy of slowness that will really impress that special someone, as slowness is the essence of quality time. If you're going to go trite, then at least be funny about it. Don't think the TV ads can tell you how to be your best.

Words work. Whispers work.

What of the wonder of holding the hand of someone. And holding one's gaze, put a dollar sign on that. Box of chocolates: $12. Dinner for two: $70. Genuine affection: priceless.

Turn off the TV; real romance is free.

We've been led astray if we believe we have to ratchet up the heat, to get fired up, however fake the flames. We've missed the mark if we think we have to get all lusty, much less bawdy. We hit the bullseye is we create a moment, an hour, an evening that is steeped in time. Quality is not complicated. Quality is not often lavish. Quality doesn't have to be decadent or even opulent, if indeed it can be those things. Quality is simple: attention, compassion, gratitude. Give good attention. Show meaningful and personal compassion. And show how grateful you are.

And you're there, right in the heart of the sweet spot.


At 2/17/2008 12:32 PM, Blogger congcat said...

At 2/21/2008 11:51 PM, Anonymous Cynic said...

"Sex is one of the most beautiful, wholesome, and natural things that money can buy." Steve Martin

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At 2/22/2008 12:04 AM, Anonymous sammy said...

"... I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days."

Crash Davis, in Bull Durham.

Be very careful, plagiarism witch-hunts are afoot in the land


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