Monday, March 03, 2008

Obama-Gore: You heard it here first

Obama-Gore: You heard it here first, or maybe you didn't, I don't know. I haven't googled this speculative ticket yet.

But what a ticket.

The "experience" issue is solved. The international experience issue is solved. The global warming issue is solved. The name recognition issue for the VP is solved. The "executive" issue is solved. Laurie David and Oprah are happy. The Gore hopefuls are happy. The Obama camp counts ku. A powerhouse team is born.

Obama and Gore agree about several basic things, and the Iraq War is at the top of the list.

Everything else could be worked out. Gore would, post-Nobel, bring in Tennessee this time, an electoral advantage, and sans a noble Nader, he'd probably bring in Florida this time, too. And how about Ohio? John McCain's not gonna take Ohio (or Minnesota or Nevada) from these two.

This ticket would summarily END the Republicans' chances to win in November.

No other ticket comes close.

Obama-Gore '08.

And maybe, just maybe, you heard it here first.


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