Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cynical Predictions

Crystal ball, March 2008:

The Dems' "dream ticket" will prove naive.

American forces will come closer to capturing Osama bin Laden, and if they can nab the main man, they'll do it in October.

Dick Cheney will, with gravitas and a grave air, endorse John McCain for president.

Barack Obama will make sure his VP choice is a Pentagon pal, strong on defense, perhaps Wesley Clark.

Hillary Clinton will choose a very masculine and "experienced" running mate, perhaps Wesley Clark.

Profits for the weapons builders and warmongering corps will continue to rise, even as the American Dream tanks.

In other words, the domestic dreams of this country will fall further victim to the goals of empire.

And glossy ads will work hard to keep us from harping too much on our downfall.

The economic stimulus will pale compared to the printing of money and the bailing out of banks.

Spending will drive the middle class, even in recession, and saving will become something only the rich actually do.

Entertainment will continue its march as biggest business in the world, especially if we consider the slings and arrows of war to be just another thrill ride, just another necessary cost of doing business.



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