Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hockey takes a HIKE

Oh, I could have come up with lots of profound posts for today, believe me, but HEY, all you substantial news fans, tough luck - the bozo buffoons of spurious sports once again win the day.

As of today, professional hockey in the U.S. and Canada has taken a HIKE, meaning all bets and GAMES are OFF.


All for money and contract negotiations? Nah, it's not even something as noble as income or even money. It's a FIVE letter word, friends: GREED.

As if sports were worth paying (a SHITLOAD OF MONEY) for. Are you kidding?

I do what I love, and I lose money at it, and it's generally been that way for almost twenty years. That doesn't make me a fool, though it may not make me exactly a "hero" either.

But who makes more than about $200,000 for playing a game and complains about it is doing anything BUT making a fooooool of him or herself??? It's a game, for chrissakes! Millions of us are doing work that is essential or at least helpful to making headway for human culture.

Meanwhile, the most modern of sports people are merely gladiators with foolish and outlandish union wages - market-driven madness - legal pissers and moaners with really good health insurance and a rabid fan base. $200,000 to fucking wack a puck or hit or catch or dunk a ball? Are you kidding?

And when I ask "are you kidding?" I'm not just asking the players, I'm asking the FANS? Who'd be FOOL enough to buy a ticket?

Are you NUTS? Or maybe, sports fans, you deserve what you get?

Grim, and bear it... really? Worth it?

Fucko dah pucko. Let 'em GO.


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