Friday, February 04, 2005

Is Bush channeling "providence" or Ahab?

[DRAFT to be revised/amended]

So is Social Security Captain Bush's Moby Dick?

Perhaps Air Force One is the modern version of the Pequod?

Post "State of the Union," as he calls it (leaving off the word "address"), and as Condi Rice flies east to duly and rather dully rattle her recycled sabers and Powell Points, the prez, Cap'm Bush, is on the fly to the West to sell the hinter red heartland on his gutting of some of this country's favorite programs - not just A Few Big Ones BUT, by his own count, about 150 programs that are bloated or obsolete [quote Bush here].

After his $44 million half time show, the president seems ready for the second half. He declared he had earned political capital, and he said he would spend it. He may well spend a heck of a lot of it trying to bring down the great white whale of The New Deal.

Social Security is a keystone in the Democrats' contributions to this country, and Bush, as Cap'm Ahab, has his pirate-wannabee crew and harpoons poised.

I gotta go - back soon to finish this post. Thanks.


At 2/05/2005 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Bush know that Lame Ducks can't swim? RQ


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