Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Better Better Nation: the slightly less luddite Lawrence Walker


As faithful readers will know, I have, since way before I invented the web (or at least my few little cubby holes of its existence) been rather a luddite, one prone to scoff at the religion of technology as savior. I am not even really computer literate. I string words together, not HTML - and don't know a boot from a bonnet, an ISP from a CPA. When it comes to RAM, I don't know the difference between a CPU and a Dodge. I see the nerdy whimsy in this bit and bite (or is it byt and byte?) world, but I sort of like the Woody Allen option of feeling the Live Lobster of Compuwizardry is trying po pinch (or is it pynch?) me in the - byte me - in the ass.

I know, I know - fewer and fewer Webheads out there have any patience for or even belief in resisting the wonders of the newest gadgets that "connect" us and keep us in "touch" and draw us all into this miracle of the WWW, El Mundo Wide Webarama. And I don't do as much proselytizing as I used to about the evils of technology (get me started if you like - I can be wound up for a song).

But entering the blog world, even, it has taken me until now to figure out (meaning ask) how to insert links and text commands into my posts. I know, it all looked too plain and down home before, a real garage operation. And as in all things in this 'style is often as deep as it gets' world, yes, style counts - how things look on the 'printed page' - how much buzz there is - and how many links to others' buzz. And we want buzz. A BETTER NATION IS a good horse, and it wants to run. It's time we got it out of the barn and onto the track.

So herewith, in that vein, I will be combing over past posts inserting links, corrections and updates so as to make this a more polished product, worthy of your generous attention and support, all the way back to ABN's first post ever. Soon, you will find real links to the sources, people and pieces/books I've mentioned - just like all the other fourth graders can do (already). As with every blog, especially those not sponsored by corporate/plush red carpeting and cheap Chinese labor, we live for two things - soft, warm comments and cold, hard cash.

And SO... From luddite to (slightly) literate, YES, A BETTER NATION wants to earn your eyeballs, a few minutes on your clock/in your ehtosphere, a bit of your brainyness - AND your cash dollars, shallow pockets, deep pockets, we'd pick every pocket if we could. But honorable as we are, we leave you in peace to pick your own pockets for us.

We (that is the "Royal We") here at ABN want to be your source for substance and style. We'll stash the ideas if you'll stash the cash.

No paypal yet, so the green stuff works just fine, in the form of legible and non-rubberized checks, made out to yours truly. You can also find MY WISH LIST at Amazon (ha! a link to his wish list! how clever!) and make a much appreciated contribution that way.

Yes, A BETTER NATION is lifting off from the lowlands of Ludditesville, headed toward the stratosphere of the Blogosphere.

Hitch the better angels of your nature (and a brave financial stake) to ABN's star. It's sure to be a wise investment in my future, if not yours. OK, yours too!


At 6/03/2005 10:08 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

A few might think this humble suggestion of contributions or charity or gifting - via Amazon or otherwise - to be crass. But let me say this is certainly not commercialism at its worst. My efforts on ABN and elsewhere really are a good example of the "free" press. No cover price, no cover charge, no logos (yet).

I've even fallen off the credit card radar these days, so more old-fashioned modes of contributing work the best.

I promise your hard-earned bucks will go to groceries, not fancy haircuts, designer jeans or a cell phone with an obnoxiously customized ring.

thanks, lcw

p.o. box 2142
kerrville, tx 78029

At 6/04/2005 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's the problem- why should you spend some one else's - in your words- "hard earned bucks."???
why don't YOU go out and earn some bucks the hard way as we all do?
Your suggestion is NOT humble- it is begging for a free ride,to coast, to escape ( for you it is ridiculous blather to a free blog) just as the bum on the street corner begs.
Get out there and work for your groceries and pay your bills- it's called being a responsible adult.
Do you have no respect for yourself?

At 6/04/2005 5:33 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Maybe the answer is, anon, I think my mind and my words are worth more than you think yours are worth, much less mine. Interesting that the posts that seem to attract angry readers get the most feedback.

Paying to read is a nearly universal practice in print and increasingly common on the web. Some write for a hobby. Here and elsewhere, my writing is my work. No need for anger or guilt. Read and enjoy. Read and benefit. Maybe there is something being written that you will like and appreciate.

At 6/05/2005 5:40 AM, Anonymous josh said...

show me with one of your newly learned links some of your other paid bylines.
Did you have to interview to get on staff?
To have to promise how you will spend the money still is begging to me.

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