Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Meta Meta-Blog Blog & Blogebrity

I've been surfing the A, B, and C List blogs over at, and I'm learning all over again about the popularity of airy belly buttom gazing - that, other self-referential (if not reverential) stuff and, of course, sex. Lots of sex - or at least implied sexiness.

We, all we bloggers, are, whether introverts or extraverts, gabbers at heart, if not outright exhibitionists. We've been feeling cooped up for too long, and we want our cats out of the bag. And we might want to take you into our closests to see our skeletons, not sure whether we are still ashamed or not.

Meta-blogs are blogs about blogs and blogging, the act thereof. Well, then this is a meta meta-blog - a post about those posting about those posting, a blog about blogs about blogs - and I promise I am treading lightly compared to some.

But not even this thread of mirrors is the extent of the meta-blog world now. No, just in the last few days, Jon Stewart did a hilarious send up of the major news networks' occasional and now, for some, daily reporting on what the hottest blogs are saying, though it's more meta than Meta as it's really about who's hot than what you've got. And pretty soon, in desperation to seem with it a bit more, perhaps Newsweek will morph Conventional Wisdom Watch into Blogger Watch - maybe it's already happened, and I, happily, missed it.

The blogger mythology has it that blogs beat down Dan Rather. Blogs made Howard Dean. Blogs will be the new grassroots of the next revolution. Maybe we'll all be staring at cable or rattling away at our keyboards and miss the real revolution.

CNN and MSNBC regularly report snippets of blogs - as Stewart said, feeling inspired to read blogs out loud on TV! What a concept. And of course, the cameras come in onto pretty/sexy blogcasters like it were a talk radio sideshow, maybe an MTV main event.

Now is that news? Is that anything but seedy? Gossip, opinion, even slander and pseudo-slander and pseudo-inside SCOOOOP as expertise, as WORTHY. Yikes.

And I'm being cautioned by friends to either get with it and write like a 'real' blogger, maybe more of the unseemly/sniveling side of things (and SEX). Or somehow make it more 'marketable' to grow my audience. I'm kind of an old-fashioned guy around here - older than most devout, detached, Gen XYZ wry mismash "D" listers: posts too preachy, too long, too stuffy, not enough juice?

Get with the program! Yes, that's the essence of free speech, isn't it?

Hey, at least I am free - and you're getting your money's worth.

... Which reminds me that I will be trying to figure out how to accept donations soon. Help keep me afloat. I'm treading (and taking on) water, kicking up my little patch of dust here in the cosmic Plutosphere of Bloggerspace.

Send your contributions to: Lawrence Walker, P. O. Box 2142, Kerrville, TX 78029.

Links to Amazon and Google soon. Yes, we too would rather join those "A" and "B" listers than fight them.


At 5/27/2005 11:18 AM, Anonymous colleen said...

Hi Lawrence, It's great what your doing here. Personally, I got burned out over the last election...still trying to recover. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

At 5/27/2005 11:25 AM, Anonymous colleen said...

PS I meant to say that your 3 wishes were great.

At 5/27/2005 1:34 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Yes, me, too, Colleen, burned out after the last election. I was a hopeful Dean supporter in early 2004, but by the end of the year, nothing was enough to keep me afloat. Still, I write about politics some but realize the more popular posts here are the more personal posts or those with some zingy pizazz.

Thanks for visiting!


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