Thursday, June 16, 2005

As of Today, Bush Impeachment More Than Wishful Thinking

Snarly neocons, back off.

What if we get to say "we told you so"?

What if some of us, especially Texans with a long term view of the little man get to say, "you see, we saw it all along. He never fooled us, and now he has shamed and damaged the nation and the world"?

What if you come to find he never was even a chip off the old gipper?

Some marginalized liberals have called for President Bush's ouster since the election debacle of 2000. But now, at last, calls for impeachment are heading toward the heart of the mainstream media.

And isn't it about time? The mainstream is very status quo and not too questioning (certainly not "liberal"), but it likes a good story when it sees one. Those newsroom egos are as big as Hollywood, and scoops are as delectable as blockbusters. The mainstream media are like a dozen prides of lions. Toward the second hump of a lame duck presidency, just before the mid-terms, fresh meat is what they want.

The growing smoke of the Downing Street memos and Rep. John Conyers' [D-MI] brave and perhaps heroic hearing on those memos and related matters set for today are, no matter what, the beginning of the end for George Bush. This could outright cripple the lame duck. His gimp smile could turn into a grinding grimace over this.

And this isn't about a blow job and a cigar. It's about something even the U.S. might be more ashamed of - though less leery of. We are talking "war crimes" now, at last, in more and more mainstream media - because the tsunami has dried up, and Terri Shiavo's autopsy is conclusive, and Michael Jackson is back in Neverneverland.

A huge anti-war/impeachment rally is set for September 24th in Washington. You can find out about that at Impeach Bush.

With the body count a steady stream of blood on his watch and the press pressed for a news story as big as Memogate, President Bush may be ripe for a round of hungry headlines.

So maybe the dark side of the force will be brought to light - and to the klieg lights.


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