Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First Wednesday Rant @ A Better Nation

OK folks and friends, here's a NEW feature at this all-too-earnest blog, A Better Nation. Yes, it's the Wednesday Rant Show, brought to you by the fine folks at Clean Underwear, DC.

Every Wednesday for the foreseeable future will be rant day. I've gotta let it rip a bit more often. All this earnest "better this" and "better that" shit has got me trying to ride my diplomatic high horse up to my eyeballs, and I've got a mind to just haul off and sling some radical shit. Why the hell not? Freedom of the press and all. Freedom of a mind that's not going down the straight and narrow - and doesn't want you going down the straight and narrow EITHER!

And so it's off to ranting we go....

I say the Dems are a bunch of pussies. I have almost no respect for the current incarnation (or is that incarceration?) of the Democratic Party except for...

... why, except for... Howard Dean.

I am a Dean Democrat, dammit. Give 'em hell, Howard! Poke fun, sure, you're good at that, but also poke HOLES in those Washington weenies with their donkey tales up their donkey asses.

I'm voting early and often for Howard Dean, and if asked to gather round a list of disciples, I would also put Paul Wellstone (deceased, as fate
would have it) and Dennis Kucinich (alive, though marginalized) in my fledgling tableau. Ditto Jesse Jackson, Jr., not the father but the super sharp son. And I'll probably be adding Barack Obama to my camp as well. Howard Zinn for Secretary of State, anyone? Molly Ivins for Secretary of Holding Your Head High? And as a tipping of Uncle Sam's hat to the Old World, how about Tony Blaire for Prime Minister?

Good heroes are hard to find these days. Most of mine are outside government.

As for the American insurgency (aren't we insurgents, TOO???), I suggest you not support the military. Your tax dollars at war just don't do it for ME. Since when do we define our nation as a bunch of military hacks rolling out the cash registers for cheap oil and expensive enemies all around the globe?

As one friend said recently, "If good government is based on an honorable social or civil contract, that contract is broken."

In times like these, when the news hovers on celebrity antics and a news circus that spins so fast it makes millions dizzy and dumb as shit, it seems to me civil disobedience is at least appropriate if not downright heroic. Prove you're free by acting freely, of your own ethical accord, of your own recognizance.

I see the need to question (or at least to carefully qualify) one's allegiance to the government of the United States, never mind the brainless symbolism of the American flag reduced to a rubber stamp for "Leave Me Alone or Leave It." And never mind those so-called "historical reminders" of the friggin' ten commandments, for cryin' out loud. The best commandment I can think of?

Speak truth to power.

That's my comandment, dammit: Speak Truth to Power!

We talk about other "enemy nations" being broken pottery we have to own whether we broke it or not. Well, folks, this country is a broken Pottery Barn crock, and we own it. Sheee-it, fellers. I hope better nations with more wisdom than our greedy groundhogs and gas guzzlers can muster will take the lead, steer us toward a better agenda - and take control.

This making you a bit nervous? Maybe you're feeling the United States of America deserves to be an empire after all - or at least a good while longer?

We, the people, exert our freedoms, and the empire strikes back.

But we, the people, must never be defeated.

Which brings me to a second commandment: If defeated, don't retreat.


At 6/30/2005 5:18 AM, Anonymous rq said...

My favorite quote of the day, "This country is a broken Pottery Barn crock!" Love it! I'll bet you can buy one at Cracker Barrell!

At 7/01/2005 8:44 AM, Blogger heidi said...

Awww, FUCK that EARNEST Crap! Fuck that NicerSideofSears Walker Man!! Who needs that SHIT??? :)) ;)) Rant away, Angryboy!

(umm... pardon me..... but can I say the "f" word here???)


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